My Approach

Sometimes people come into therapy because they feel unhappy or unsatisfied with their life situation. Maybe it is hard to talk about feelings like sadness, anger, fear, helplessness and loss. We may not have someone who we can trust, or we would prefer to talk to a professional that is impartial.  Whether there is something specific worrying you, or you are generally unsatisfied with your situation right now, seeking therapy can be a scary but important first step towards wellbeing.

Working with a psychotherapist can help you understand yourself, as well as gain insights into the issues you are having. The process happens in a safe and confidential environment in which you can discover how to bring about the changes you are seeking.

In counselling, we might work with the present of what is happening in your life, your relationships and within the therapy room. This will bring awareness to any patterns that might have become uncomfortable for you, as well as provide the means to explore the answers you seek.

The psychotherapeutic element of my practice will allow us to consider how your past experiences may have shaped your present life. This process of empathic exploration can be healing in itself, but sometimes we may need to learn emotional regulation and self-care. That being said, I will listen without judgement and I will honour what you chose to bring into our therapeutic space, always respecting the boundaries of what you want to keep out of the conversation.

The Humanistic Approach

I work with a diverse set of modalities within the humanistic approach, which allows me to adapt to different personalities and different sets of issues brought to therapy.

The Humanistic framework rests on the belief that every person is valuable and has the capacity to grow and achieve wellbeing. I consider that my clients have the answers they seek within themselves, I am here to facilitate the discovery of their inner resources.

I work in a relational way and believe in the principle of mutuality. This means that I consider relationships to be co-created and this include the therapeutic relationship, which makes each of them unique. There is no hierarchy between therapist and client. Instead of giving advice, I will walk alongside my clients to help them navigate their situation.

I highly value authenticity and I strive to help my clients discover their authentic selves and to learn to love and value themselves.